University Center for Language and Literacy

Welcome to the University Center for Language and Literacy

We offer specialized testing and evaluation, programs for children’s language development, aphasia recovery, academic success, and individual therapy for people of any age struggling with language and literacy.

We can help you find your voice.

For more information, please contact UCLL at, call
(734) 764-8440, or use the form below.


Through intensive therapy programs and one-on-one counseling, evaluations, and consultations, we help people of all ages with:

  • Aphasia
  • Academic success
  • Communication challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Dyslexia and literacy with reading and writing
  • Non-native English language development
  • Social language issues
  • Speech and language delays and disorders

Notes and News

Mastering the American Accent Workshop

Mastering the American Accent Program at UCLL

New session beginning in May! Register now to secure your spot. Here’s what to expect during each week’s session:

    • An initial brief assessment and discussion of the student’s goals
    • Group conversations
    • Exercises for improving articulation, rate control, and projection
    • Guidance from a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

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Spring is Here: Is it time for you to come out of hibernation?

Ann Arbor is alive with the sounds of birds chirping and people laughing and enjoying the rebirth that spring brings. Will you contribute to chorus?

Our intensive aphasia treatment program can help you find your voice after a stroke, illness or head injury. We offer intensive speech language therapy tailored to each client. While our intensive program is full time, we do offer other opportunities and therapy plans for those who may be looking for other options. Please contact us at (734) 764-8440 or visit our University of Michigan Aphasia Program website.

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