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Self-Compassion Group Therapy – Winter 2018

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If you’re having a difficult time with managing painful emotions, self-criticism or feeling alone, the Psychological Clinic’s Self-Compassion group may be a good fit. The new session begins Tuesday, Feb. 8 and will run for eight weeks. The sessions are from 5-6:30 p.m. each week and are led by an experienced postdoctoral fellow with expertise in self-compassion and mindfulness modes of therapy. If you’re interested in the group but that time/day does not work for you, please contact us to let us know your interest for future or additional sessions.

About the Self-Compassion Group Therapy Approach

This group blends Mindful Self-Compassion (Neff and Germer) and Compassion Focused Therapy (Gilbert) and includes psycho-education, group discussions, and experiential exercises. The goal of the group is to learn to manage painful emotions and life’s difficulties through the daily cultivation and practice of self-compassion. The group could be a good fit for individuals who have difficulty self-soothing, are hard on themselves, struggle with self-criticism/ shame/guilt/worthlessness, engage in avoidance, or feel alone in their suffering.

To learn more, see the article Self-Compassion: How Being Nice to Yourself is Bigger Than it Sounds

How to Sign Up/Make a Referral

Prospective participants and those making referrals should first contact the Psych Clinic at (734) 764-3471 to schedule an individual screening visit to ensure a good fit for the group. The initial screening visit will take 1 hour, and the cost is $40.  Group sessions will also cost $40 each. We can bill some insurances (e.g. BCN, BCBS, BCC).

Referring providers may fax a brief treatment summary or evaluation report to the group leader’s attention at the Clinic (fax 734-764-8128). Please remember that our email is not secure and avoid sharing referral information by email. 

Questions about the Group or Self-compassion Approach?

Contact Dr. Mika Handelman, Ph.D at the Psychological Clinic: (734) 764-3471.