Fall CBT Group for Adults with Social and Performance Anxiety – Registering Now!

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Registration is open for the University Psychological Clinic’s fall CBT group for adults with social or performance anxiety. People with social anxiety often worry about seeming incompetent, unintelligent, or awkward in social situations. That worry can manifest itself in symptoms of heart pounding, shaking, sweating, dry mouth, or “blanking out.” People with social anxiety may continue to worry about how they came across to others long after the event is over. This group can help you build skills to counter the distress and anxiety surrounding social situations.

If you think social anxiety is negatively affecting your relationships, your work, or your overall mental health, this group might be the next step for you. Clinicians at the Psychological Clinic use evidence-based group therapy to help participants learn to identify and shift unhealthy thinking patterns. You will build coping skills and increase confidence in a supportive environment and at your own pace. The group will meet once a week, on Wednesdays, for eight weeks, plus a follow-up booster session a month after the program’s conclusion.

If you think this group is the right fit for you, call the Psych Clinic at (734) 764-3471 to schedule an individual, preliminary screening. This screening will take 30-60 minutes and has a cost of $45, covered by some insurance companies. This screening allows you to work with a clinician to determine if the group is right for you.

Please send referrals by faxing a brief treatment summary or evaluation report to the Psychological Clinic, attention Michelle Van Etten Lee, Ph.D. The fax number is (734) 764-8128.


  • When: Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 p.m. Beginning in early October and running for 8 weeks. Start date is flexible based on patient availability. 
  • Cost: $45 per session, without insurance. Call for information on insurance coverage.
  • Where: The University Psychological Clinic, 500 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104