UMAP: December Sessions


University of Michigan Aphasia Program

What: The University of Michigan Aphasia Program, often just called UMAP, is an intensive speech-language program that helps people recover or learn new communication techniques after trauma to the language centers in the brain.
Our clients come from different backgrounds, represent a spectrum of ages, and live in all different parts of the world. Yet, they have one thing in common: they have experienced a brain trauma that has have left them without the ability to speak, read, write and/or comprehend language in the ways they once did. Our program is designed to help you or your loved strengthen communication abilities, while creating a community of those who share this experience.

December Session Highlights:

  • Sessions run 3-5 weeks
  • 24 hours of therapy each week
  • Group therapy
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Music therapy
  • Computer and technology learning
  • Caregiver curriculum
  • Full time, but part time options are also available

Session L: Monday, 11/28 – Friday, 12/16 (15 days)* at University Center for Language and Literacy.

*The sessions marked with * indicate our cold-weather discount. We offer discounts of 15% on those sessions. This makes the months of December, January, February and March ideal times to either begin or continue work on recovery. 15% discount does not apply to group music therapy.

1111 E. Catherine St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Contact us at (734) 764-8440 or if you’d like more information or to register.