Billing Processes

The following information provides guidelines on how to process both front-end billing as well as general MARI Central Office billing. The MARI procedures are broken down by daily, weekly and monthly practices to provide timing guidelines, ensuring our billing is handled in a routine manner. If you have any questions about the processes, please contact your supervisor.

Billing Information

Front End Billing

Front end billing is broken into two main segments: Registration and Authorization.

  • Verify Insurance
  • Collect Documents
  • Establish Copay
  • Request Initial Authorization
  • Add additional Visits
  • Encounter Complete
  • Receive Client Payments

MARI Central Office Billing Procedures


  • Cash Reconciliation and Deposit
  • Appointment Verification and Encounter Transition
  • Apply Client Credits
  • Clinician Follow up for Missing Encounters
  • Print Statements for Clients with Appointment


  • Apply Insurance Payments
  • Work Denials and Rejections
  • Work Credit Balance Report
  • Work Insurance Aging Report
  • Claim Submission to Clearinghouse


Billing Policies

Billing policies will be added soon.

All units with the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) will document receivables, manage outstanding accounts, and follow collections procedures as outlined in this policy.

Aged Receivables Policy

This Financial Assistance Policy pertains to clients seeking MARI services who may qualify for financial assistance.  The policy ensures that such assistance is considered in a consistent manner. The MARI uses the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines in determining whether or not a client qualifies for assistance and, if so, the level of assistance. This policy is modeled after the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) policy, which notes the following: “Financial Assistance is considered a last resort; all options for obtaining third party coverage or identifying resources available to the client should be considered first. Proper documentation must accompany all requests for Financial Assistance.”  

Fee Reduction Policy

Application and Declaration

Approval Form