Aphasia Awareness Month: High-Quality Therapy at UMAP

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June is Aphasia Awareness Month

We are excited to celebrate Aphasia Awareness throughout the month of June. During Aphasia Awareness Month we will be celebrating people with aphasia, sharing amazing success stories of our past clients and promoting our services for those unaware of the help available for those with aphasia. In the past year, the University of Michigan Aphasia Program has achieved a lot and had great results with our clients.

The University of Michigan Aphasia Program celebrated its 66th anniversary and did not fall short of expectations for achievements and progress. UMAP is the oldest intensive therapy program in the United States and was originally created to rehabilitate WWII veterans. This state-of-the-art program includes international clients and those looking for a high-quality intensive aphasia therapy.

UMAP Family

For 2013, UMAP continued to build a close community and fellowship within each session and with the surrounding area. One of the highest compliments we receive in our feedback from clients is the sense of “family” that they experience during their treatment with our therapists, staff, and peers. For us, we care for our clients as if they were our own family members and are delighted to know this concept has been conveyed. From attending recreational events together to building clients’ confidence through group therapy sessions, the UMAP program embodies every sense of the words family and community.

UMAC Group

Previously known as the Language Enrichment Group (LEG), the University of Michigan Aphasia Community (UMAC) was introduced and employed in June of 2013 as a way of providing high quality speech and language services in the community at an affordable price. “UMAC is an expansion of the LEG program, in that it now includes a larger variety of activities that facilitate communication in a social context. The new support group for caregivers has also been a valuable addition to the program. UMAC has been a great success for UCLL during this past year and is scheduled to continue into the next calendar year,” senior speech-language pathologist Keli Licata stated.

The UMAC program provides group language therapy twice a week over the course of a month. In addition, clients with aphasia now participate in a new recreational hour in the program that includes cognitive stimulation activities, language, word, and memory games, and more. A new caregiver curriculum has also been integrated into the UMAC program which many client caregivers have found to be vastly beneficial.