Dr. Cheryl King on Strategies For Addressing Youth Suicide—And The Barriers to Effective Treatment

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We are very excited to announce that Dr. Cheryl King, director of the Institute for Human Adjustment, is a featured guest blogger on Care for Your Mind.

Care for Your Mind

Care for Your Mind is a place where thought leaders and advocates openly discuss the mental health care system. CFYM provides diverse perspectives from policy makers, mental health experts, medical professionals, and health care reform advocates, along with personal experiences of people with mood disorders and their families.

CFYM aims to help bring about awareness and engagement in dialogue in order to move toward better mental health care in America. And although many professionals, experts and policy makers are featured on the site, CFYM encourages anyone to get involved or share their story.

Dr. Cheryl King on CFYM

Dr. Cheryl King is featured as a guest blogger on CFYM in a two part series and her first post was recently published!

Dr. Cheryl King’s first blog post, Strategies For Addressing Youth Suicide—And The Barriers to Effective Treatment  discusses her thoughts on treatment for youth suicide. Dr. King focuses on describing evidence-based effective treatments, how to target suicide risks and what types of challenges stand in the way of youth getting treatment.

In addition, Dr. King asks the audience to contribute what they think is the highest priority in addressing youth suicide.

Read Dr. King’s informative article and voice your opinion on preventing youth suicide.

Be sure to follow Dr. King’s future post on CFYM to learn more about youth suicide treatment. Her upcoming post addresses public policy challenges and priorities related to youth suicide prevention.