Feelings through Fiction Summer 2016 Therapy Group

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Feelings through Fiction Therapy Group 

The Summer 2016 group will include:

  • 1.5 hour sessions with snacks.

  • 8 weeks of sessions.

  • 9-13 year-old (girl and boy) participants. 

  • Cost flexibility based on insurance benefits (self-pay is $40/session).

  • Scheduling flexibility since the day and time of the group sessions are determined by interest and the participant‘s schedule.

Throughout elementary, middle, and junior high school, social interactions can become increasingly complicated and difficult to manage. Learning to navigate relationships with friends, classmates, and family can be even more challenging as girls and boys also begin to explore their identity. The Feelings through Fiction Summer 2016 Group uses a book club format to create a safe space for participants to discuss ideas and feelings common to kids their age. By the end of the eight week group, participants should be better in tune with their feelings and how to manage them, how to understand others and work through conflict, and better able to deal with challenging social situations. 

The Feelings through Fiction Group will help improve:

  • Emotional awareness, expression, and regulation.
  • Ability to empathize with others and engage in perspective-taking.
  • Ability to communicate about and cope with challenging social situations.
  • Ability to stand up for oneself and others. 

The group will read Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Wonder  is a story about the power of friendship, understanding, identity, and a 10 year-old boy named August. August was born disfigured and was homeschooled for much of his life. The story follows Auggie’s transition from homeschool to public school as he navigates meeting new people, forming friendships, and gaining confidence. Narrators include Auggie, his friends, his sister, and her boyfriend. Each character provides a new perspective and offers insight into the challeges these fifth graders face. Wonder is a heartwarming story that shows the shared insecurity, difficulties, and kindness of a group of fifth grade kids. Participants in the Feelings through Fiction group will be expected to have read about 50 pages in preparation for each weekly session.

Summer 2016 Group  Flyer

Registration is required. Call (734) 764-9466 or visit uccf.umich.edu to learn more.