Introducing Mary A. Rackham Institute

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The Institute that brings together the well-known University Center for the Child and Family, University Center for Language and Literacy, and Psychological Clinic is now known as the Mary A. Rackham Institute at the University of Michigan.

These three centers have been serving our community for decades and are highly regarded for their excellence in clinical service and professional training.

The Mary A. Rackham Institute, formerly known as the Institute for Human Adjustment, is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation. 

Mary A. Rackham’s History

Mary A. Rackham had an abiding interest in the alleviation of human suffering. She collaborated with President Ruthven and Dean Yoakum to create the Institute in 1936. Facilitated by a generous endowment from Mary A. Rackham, the Institute was created to provide clinical and rehabilitative services to those in need of these services and to engage in related teaching and research activities.

This name change honors Mary A. Rackham’s dedication to creating and sustaining the Institute.

Values Won’t Change

Although our name has changed, our core values remain the same:

  • Compassionate and science-informed clinical service
  • Excellence in clinical training
  • Respect for diverse values and goals
  • Quality of life