MARI Director Cheryl King Serves as Principal Investigator on Study of Computer-Based Teen Suicide Risk Assessment Tool

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Mary A. Rackham Director Cheryl A. King, Ph.D. is serving as principal investigator on a recently launched study in a network of hospital emergency departments (EDs) across the country. The study, Emergency Room Screen for Teens at Risk for Suicide (ED-STARS), will develop and test a personalized, computer-based suicide risk screening tool for teenagers and is funded by the National Institite of Mental Mental Health (NIMH).

“We plan to refine algorithms capable of predicting which youth are most likely to attempt suicide. We will use these to develop a brief and personalized screening tool in which each question presented to a teen is based on the individual’s previous responses,” explained King. 

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens aged 12-17, accounting for about 1,000 deaths  in 2011. NIMH has focused on hospital emergency departments as a prime setting for suicide prevention efforts in recent years 

Read the full ED STARS press release on the NIMH website.