Mental Health Awareness Month: Group Therapy Testimonials

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Not only is this month about building public recognition of the importance of mental health but also to inform people of what they can do to better their mental health and to celebrate the successes of those who already have.

We want to thank several clients for participating in our group therapy and for helping us raise awareness for mental health.

Successes in Group Therapy

Clients of the Psych Clinic’s group therapy were given a chance to write feedback on their experience with the group and if/how it had helped them. There were many positive responses to the social aspect of the group and many expressed feelings of improvement!

“It helped me a lot, made my life a lot better.” – Kevin

Working in a group can make people nervous, but many clients responded postively to the support system that they received from their group therapy and the opportunity to practice the skills that they were learning in a safe, social setting.

“The group helped a lot. It’s a great and safe place to do exposure and practice. Everyone gave me positive words. We understand each other. I’m getting better.” – MH

Clients even expressed feeling prepared to go out into the real world and apply what they had learned.

“The group was a great place to practice social exposures in a safe environment, and also a great support system to help coming up and completing exposures out in the real world. I still have work to do to get over my social anxiety, but this group has definitely been helpful in setting me on the right path.”- Andrew M.

“I appreciated doing the in-session exposure exercises in pubic. I thought it was helpful to do the exposures with the therapists first, reflect on what occurred and then try on my own later. I feel that this group made it easier for me to have conversations with women I’m attracted to, ask them out on a date, and feel less awkward about it.” -Anonymous 

It is great to see the successes of clients in our group therapy program, and in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are celebrating our clients’ successes!

For those interested in participating in group therapy or other services provided by the Psychological Clinic, view the summary below or view the Psychological Clinic webpage to read more.

The Psychological Clinic at MARI

The Psychological Clinic provides psychological assessment and psychotherapies that have been shown through research to be effective for treating a wide range of mental health issues and concerns. The psychologists and other mental health providers take an integrative and systematic approach to providing evidence-based treatments, including psychotherapy and psychological testing, for common psychological concerns. The Psych Clinic offers individual therapy, couples therapy, and group counseling for a variety of concerns along with psychological assessments.

Group Therapy

The Psych Clinic offers groups focusing on specific symptoms and/or areas of concern such as,

  • social anxiety
  • depression
  • issues with attention or concentration
  • caring for a dependent loved one
  • preparing for stresses of fieldwork in an unfamiliar place

The group therapies are supportive and educational and aim to build coping skills and address clients’ concerns. These groups are a safe and controlled environment for clients to learn and practice skills to effectively deal with their situations. Being around others provides the client with a social support system and the opportunity to hear others’ perspectives on issues similar to their own.