UCLL Recognizes Volunteers at Luncheon

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The University of Michigan Center for Langauge and Literacy (UCLL) hosted a Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on Friday, April 25 for their student volunteers.

Diverse Areas of Study

Our volunteers have a diverse background of study in linguistics, psychology, sports training, cognitive science and medicine.The students volunteer with clients in the computer labs, lead chair exercise classes, and participate as conversation partners. Special events, recreational activities, and research at UCLL are other areas where students volunteer.

Feel Appreciated 

Rebecca Howe, a UCLL volunteer, said she felt like, “everyone at UMAP appreciates what the volunteers do. I have had clients and SLPs (Speech Language Pathologist) thank me for helping them.”

The luncheon was another way to say thank you to the UCLL volunteers. 

Why Volunteer

Rebecca started volunteering at UMAP, after being referred to by a friend, because she was interested in the field of speech pathology and was studying linguistics.”Once I started volunteering at UMAP,” Rebecca stated, “I realized that speech pathology is what I wanted to pursue as a career.Thanks to UMAP I went from having no idea how to apply my linguistics degree to being accepted into a speech language pathology graduate program!”

Rebecca is just one of UCLL’s volunteers who was celebrated at the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

Thanks to the volunteers for their enthusiasm and energy they bring our department! Your contributions are priceless.

If you’d like to volunteer at UCLL in one of our mutliple programs, visit the Donate and Volunteer page for more information or call UCLL at (734) 764-8440 or email plpr@umich.edu to apply.

Featured in photo above (from left to right back row): Troy Tenbrunsel, Rebecca Howe, Nicole Confer, Anna-Maria Nae, Anne Spence, Alex Doud, Robin Stein, Melanie Greenspan and Alexandra Kaplan.