NEW: UMAP to Offer Teletherapy for Current and Former Clients


Announcing UMAP teletherapy: UMAP is now offering teletherapy services to former and current UMAP clients. This means UMAP now offers speech therapy sessions online through live teleconferencing.

Teletherapy is conducted similarly to our in-house therapy sessions — therapy is provided by licensed speech-language pathologists and tailored to each client’s individual needs — but without having to leave home. In order to participate, a client needs access to a computer with a camera and a speaker. As we launch the program, it will be limited to current or previous UMAP clients to ensure we are able to provide the most personalized and effective care. Our therapists are only licensed to practice teletherapy in Michigan and California at this time.

Potential Expansion of UMAP Teletherapy

Depending on demand, we will pursue licensing in other states to begin expanding the geographic area where we can offer services. If you are a former or current client and you live outside of the current states we offer, please let use know if you are interested in pursuing teletherapy. We will use the interest we receive as a guideline for which states to offer next.

For more information or questions, contact the University Center for Language and Literacy at (734) 764-8440 or email at

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