UCCF Welcomes 2018 Social Work Fellowship Trainees


The University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF) recently welcomed three new social work trainees who each bring specific skills and talents to the program.

Emily Gach, LLMSW, is a clinical social worker who received a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan. She is completing a Post-MSW Fellowship at UCCF, where she will continue to develop experience with a wide range of evidence-based psychotherapy treatments. As a clinician, Emily is particularly interested in anxiety, attachment relationships, parenting challenges, and trauma and grief.

Paige Safyer, LLMSW, is currently a doctoral candidate in the joint Social Work and Developmental Psychology program at University of Michigan. Paige’s previous clinical experience includes The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan, the Vancouver Crisis Centre, and Mom Power, a parenting intervention program. Her research focuses on infant emotional brain development within the caregiving context and the physiological processes contributing to the self.

Sophia Roth, LLMSW, is a clinical social worker who began her training at the University of Michigan’s Ambulatory Psychiatry Services. She has experience working with children and families using a variety of evidence-based modalities. She is interested in continuing work with children and families to help with behavioral problems, relationships, depressed moods, and anxiety. Sophia also owns a local business with her husband where she pursues her other passion: physical fitness. She especially likes helping children cultivate an appreciation for exercise and personal health.

UCCF is excited to welcome these new trainees to the center. Their varied clinical experiences and new perspectives are a valuable addition to currently offered programs!

About the UCCF Social Work Program

The UCCF social work training model emphasizes an immersive experience within all types of clinical settings and the use of evidence-based intervention techniques to treat diverse groups of clients with varying diagnoses. UCCF fosters a supportive community of trainees and supervisors working together to advance clinician development. The Center recruits for the fellowship positions every two years, depending on a variety of factors. 

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