Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA)

2017-2018 DEADLINE: MAY 12, 2017 at 5 P.M.
Thanks for your interest in our GRSA funding opportunities. See the tabs below for further details.

Support through GSRA Positions

The MARI GSRA program facilitates the growth of faculty research programs that closely involve graduate students — and that align with our Institute mission.

Our objective is to promote the well-being of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families who are struggling with mental health, learning, and communication difficulties. Our current research priorities relate to:

  • College student mental health
  • Technology innovations for speech, language, and mental health therapies
  • Youth and young adult suicide prevention

These positions are sponsored by MARI and the Rackham Graduate School. Priority is given to faculty members who have not been awarded a MARI GSRA position within the past two years. Applications are especially encouraged and invited for programs of research that involve active collaboration with our faculty and staff and/or implementation at one of our units (University Psychological Clinic, University Center for Language and Literacy, University Center for the Child and Family).


U-M faculty members who are affiliated with approved doctoral programs in any department or school may apply for a GSRA position for either a current or an incoming doctoral student. Doctoral students may not apply directly for support. Each faculty member may submit an application for only one student per year. A student is eligible for a total of up to two semesters of GSRA award support.

If the position is requested for a current U-M doctoral student, the student should be named in the application. The faculty applicant will designate the general focus of the proposed research and the anticipated benefit of the GSRA position to the student and the individual faculty member’s program of research.

Faculty application packages must include the following as a single PDF:

  • Completed Application form.
  • A letter from a U-M faculty member verifying that the student is in good standing and making satisfactory progress in the doctoral program, and which endorses the student in terms of his or her potential for scholarly research. The letter should also designate the general focus of the proposed research and the anticipated benefit of the GSRA position to the student and the individual faculty member’s program.
  • A brief statement about the program of research and possible research involvement of the doctoral student (no more than 1,000 words). If the application requests a GSRA for a current doctoral student, it is anticipated that this statement will be written primarily by the student. The statement should clearly describe the doctoral student’s planned research, and explain how support from the MARI will enable the student to enhance his or her research productivity and preparation for a research career. Scholarly references should be included (not included in word limit).
  • A brief curriculum vitae (CV) of the doctoral student. The student’s CV should include information about his or her educational background; major awards or honors received; membership in professional organizations, as applicable; and a complete list of publications and presentations.

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF attachment to MARI Assistant Director Brenda Foster at DEADLINE HAS PASSED – Check back for updates. 


Award decisions are typically made in June. When a student is selected for a GSRA position, the GSRA funds will be awarded to the home department of the faculty member who applied for that student. The successful faculty applicant will be responsible for identifying and mentoring the doctoral student throughout his or her assistantship.

Successful graduate research applicants will receive the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) negotiated monthly stipend as well as benefits for graduate student staff assistants that are consistent with those of the U-M Graduate Student Research Assistantship Program.

Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA) funds are awarded to the home department(s) of the applicant during the semester in which the student completes his or her assistantship. These funds are awarded to provide the graduate student with a 50% appointment as a graduate research assistant and can run for one or two semesters, depending on the faculty proposal and need.

The applications are typically due in early May. Announcements of awards are made in June.

For the 2017-2018 funding cycle, the application was due on May, 12, 2017. The submission must include the application form as well as several other required documents.

See APPLICATION PROCESS tab for more details. Applications should be submitted to Brenda Sodt Foster at

For more information about the application process, please contact Assistant Director Brenda Foster at