Former UMAP Client Rebecca Ferris’s Story on Why Is This Happening

Success Story

Rebecca Ferris, a former client at the University of Michigan Aphasia Program, has continued to improve and succeed in her life. Rebecca continues speech therapy at Calvin College, doing group and individual therapy. Additionally, since Fall of 2011 she has volunteered to help the other clients with aphasia in the group therapy. Additionally, Rebecca is very involved in her church, speaking in church and has joined the choir. Through her church participation, Rebecca became involved with, a website sharing the stories of people experiencing life-altering events and the practical way they have moved forward. Not only has Rebecca began to work with a group for social media fo, but she and her husband shared their story on the site as well.

Watch Rebecca and Steve’s Why Is This Happening: Stroke Survivor video and enjoy their inspiring story.

Stroke Survivors: Rebecca and Steve’s Story from on Vimeo.