Speech-Language Pathology Opportunities

Our program objective is to help you become an excellent clinician and to strengthen our professional field through high-caliber training.

Each year volunteers, interns, and a clinical fellow observe, work, and provide speech and language therapy to children and adults with variety of language and literacy disorders.

We offer future speech and language pathologists a dynamic and unique environment to learn about becoming talented clinicians.

Each year volunteers, interns, and a clinical fellow observe, work, and provide speech and language therapy to children and adults with variety of language and literacy disorders. Working with certified speech and language pathologists, the students learns to treat and communicate with our clients.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently recruiting for fellows. Please check back in fall 2018 for updates.

Clinical Experience

The interns and clinical fellow are supervised by certified clinicians who are outstanding role models and demonstrate the benefits of intensive speech therapy. As a trainee, you are provided ongoing assistance throughout your placement.

We advocate the following training criteria:

  • Using evidence-based therapy approaches with our diverse population
  • Becoming skilled diagnosticians to develop measurable treatment goals
  • Working with clients in individual, group and computer sessions
  • Understanding the benefits of intensive therapy and working with a team of professionals
  • Being effective communicators with clients and caregivers
  • Developing strong writing skills
  • Learning to be a critical and creative thinker in therapy
  • Advocating for clients and providing resources
  • Embracing the field of Speech-Language Pathology

As an intern or clinical fellow, you are an active member of our clinical programs and participate in weekly speech forums and team meetings as well as center-wide meeting and activities. You will be immersed in an exceptional learning environment to work with a variety of highly trained and compassionate professionals. You are observed and given ongoing feedback from your supervisors to help perfect your clinical skills.

We scaffold our supervision based on your skill sets. We foster independence as you progress through your clinical placements. Clinical assignments and special training experiences are integrated into the whole experience. Our objective is to send you out in the professional field as a competent and qualified clinician, ready for success.

Supervising Staff

Our clinical supervisors are all certified and licensed speech language pathologists who are experts in working with adults with aphasia and children with language and literacy disorders. Additional professional staff includes music therapist and our Services Coordinator provides recreational activities for clients. Our director is a neuropsychologist.


Ongoing clinical placements are available at the University of Michigan Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL) throughout the year. Interns from local and out-of-state universities are accepted into 2-3 month placements at the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) or in Language and Literacy Services (LLS) at UCLL. As an intern, you will participate in a rigorous training program to develop your clinical skills.

A longer-term, one-year clinical placement is typically available for fellows at UCLL. Clinical fellows are students who have completed their graduate training in the field of Speech-Language Pathology and are seeking employment. During this placement, the clinical fellow participates in a 9-month internship and then achieves certification from our national organization.

How to Apply

Please contact Education Coordinator Keli Licata, M.A., CCC-SLP for more information about internships by emailing klicata@umich.edu. For information on clinical fellowships, contact Clinic Manager Jennifer Corey at jencorey@umich.edu.

Volunteer Opportunities

The University Center for Language and Literacy welcomes volunteers for various roles and tasks throughout the year. Fill out the Contact Us form below to get started with the volunteering process.