You can make a referral through the secure online form, fax, or by calling us at (734) 764-8440.

Thank you for thinking of the U-M Aphasia Program (UMAP) and for connecting clients with our program! Our aim is to help people with aphasia find meaningful ways to communicate — whatever form that may be for them. In addition to their communication skills, we also help people with aphasia rebuild their confidence. Our program is great for people with aphasia who may have hit a plateau or who might require a more intensive approach generally. 

Peace of Mind

When you refer a client to the U-M Aphasia Program, rest assured that they are in good hands! We have honed the approach to aphasia-specific speech-language therapy for more than 80 years. We take that institutional knowledge and combine it with newer modes and approaches to ensure our clients receive the most individualized intensive and targeted therapy available.

Next Steps

We are happy to talk through any questions you may have from professional to professional. We also work with our clients to connect with the SLPs they see on a regular basis, when appropriate. Continue down the page to take a next step:

  • Submit a secure, online digital referral form (opens in a new tab).
  • Send a question or note through the website via the form below this section.
  • Give us a call about a client referral, our approach to therapy — anything aphasia related! We are also happy to provide in-service learning opportunities. Call (734) 764-8440 and ask for Jennifer to get started.
  • If you prefer to send a fax, please note it may take longer for us to respond, due to limited staff onsite because of COVID-19. Fax to: (734) 647-2489 with privacy cover sheet. 

Secure, Online Referral Form

The simplest way to send a client referral is through this quick and easy secure digital form. The form is all online - no need to download, print, or fax anything!

You will be asked for basic client details including contact information, as well as a Release of Information form (to be uploaded if you have it), and your contact information. It takes 10 minutes or less to complete!

Once a form is submitted, we reach out to the potential client and/or care partner within two business days, but generally much quicker depending on when the request comes in and staffing. In the form, we ask if you would like to be contacted as a follow up, so if you select that option in the form, we will also be in touch with you.

Click Here to Submit a Client Referral
“My husband’s [primary] SLP — that he hasn’t seen since the end of last year — has been blown away by the progress she sees in him! She wishes she could have other clients attend your program. She can’t believe he is almost 3 years post-ruptured aneurysm and stroke and is STILL making progress.”
U-M Aphasia Program Client Care Partner

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