Path to UMAP

  • You Found Us!

    If you are interested in intensive speech-language therapy, you’re in the right place. Our goal is to walk you through not just what happens specifically at UMAP, but what you can do after discovering you have a speech-language disorder like aphasia. We hope you’ll attend our program simply because we see what it can do for people — and we have many years of experience that show our approach is highly effective.

  • Check Out the Website

    We’ve included as much detail here as we could without overwhelming you with information. If you or your loved one has trouble reading, we’ve embedded a reader in the site as well, so you can click on “Read Outloud” to have the page content read to you. We recommend that you start off with Program Components.

  • See Yourself in Our Success Stories

    Language issues can be devastating. They can make you feel isolated and like a part of your former self is missing. Your life may be different now, but you’re not alone and you are still you. Check out the success stories to see what kind of progress others have made in similar circumstances. Perhaps your success story will be the next one to inspire someone! Check them out.

  • Contact Us

    When you call or email us, you will be directed to speak with someone who will take down your initial information and answer any initial questions you may have. Often we will then schedule a follow up call with our clinical manager to provide you with information specific to your situation. They will be happy to answer any of your questions, can provide further details, can walk you through the program pricing and ultimately, they can help you decide if UMAP is the right place for you or your loved one. We are more than happy to provide you with a tour of our program, meet with our dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists and get a feel for what your days will be like here during a session. How to reach us.

  • Fill Out the Application and Submit Deposit

    The application is extensive, but it helps us better prepare for your specific treatment plan. When you submit your deposit, your spot for the session(s) is secured. We will walk you through the billing structure and other financial details, but making a commitment to the program is key in getting the next steps started.

  • Get Your Session Dates, Find Housing and Become Familiar with Ann Arbor

    When you speak with us and fill out your application, you will select your session dates. If your chosen session is full, we’ll work with you and your family’s schedule to get a session that’s right for you. Housing is independent from the program cost. Ann Arbor is a vibrant town and one we think you will enjoy. Learn more about housing options and Ann Arbor.

  • Pack Your Bags

    We want you to feel as at home as possible when visiting UMAP. We’ve prepared a packing list of essentials to help you figure out what to bring. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you make those decisions. Guide to preparing for UMAP.

  • Arrive and Participate in Orientation

    On the first morning of the session start, we will host an orientation for you and your fellow program participants. Following that, we’ll meet with you and your family members to identify your priorities and to go over your plan of work while at UMAP. Learn more about your first day at UMAP.

  • Get Started on the Hard Stuff

    Your days will be filled with one-on-one interactions with your SLPs, group participation, group lunches, therapy and other special events. We push you to do your best based on what you have identified as your priorities. For example, if you’re trying to get back to work or want to be able to read a bedtime story to your kids again, we will target skills that will help move you in that direction. Everyone makes progress at their own pace; our SLPs will continue to push you, but will also be realistic about what you can expect from our intensive program. It won’t be easy – but it will be worth it.

  • Graduate from UMAP!

    Once you complete your session, our SLPs will go through an exit strategy with you and your family. We will provide you with tools to carry on the hard work you have pushed through at UMAP. Many people attend several sessions back-to-back or years apart, depending on their progress and comfort levels. We love to continue working with clients when need be, so keep in mind this may just be the beginning of your path!