Forms and Next Steps for New Clients

Welcome to the MARI New Client Resources page - you are here because you are interested in or have recently become a new client at MARI. MARI services are provided through one of our programs or centers, including Psychological Clinic, University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF), UM-ACTs (autism services), University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL), MARI Testing, and U-M Aphasia Program (UMAP).

This information is meant to help you move through the initial steps of becoming a client. 

With any health care service, there are a lot of forms and permissions that need to be secured before we can provide services. We have designed this process to make it as clear and as straightforward for our clients as possible, while also allowing us to gather the needed permissions and information.

If you have questions on any of the forms or would like assistance in navigating the process, please contact our call center at (734) 615-7853.

Please Note: Common questions about insurance are addressed within the intake form. As you select what insurance and what service you are seeking, the form will update to provide you with more detailed information.

Start Here: New Client Intake Form

Have you completed an intake form for yourself or a minor? If you have not yet, see below. 

The intake form is the first step in becoming a MARI client. We ask everyone to complete the form to not only get contact information, but to also get an understanding of the client, your concerns, and other key pieces of information such as insurance, if there are custody agreements in place, etc.

The intake form typically takes 40+ minutes to complete, depending on type of service and if this is for yourself or for a minor.

Who should complete: New clients who are completing for themselves or parents/guardians who are completing for a child (under 18).

MARI New Client Intake Form

Helpful Resources

Check out the Guide and resources page and other links to help you find and navigate using the MARI Client Portal, how to pay your bill online, teletherapy and more.

Have a Question? Contact MARI

There are two primary ways to contact MARI:

  • Online Form - Use our secure digital form to send a question or a suggestion. Completed the form here: Contact MARI
  • Call Us - Call us anytime at (734) 615-7853. Please note, we may not be able to answer your call and you will be asked to leave a detailed message. We return calls in the order they are received.

Financial Assistance

Use the links below to access our Financial Assistance Policy and fill out the Financial Assistance application.

Client Rights and Privacy

What are your rights as a new client? Read about MARI's Commitment to Diversity, Respect, and Privacy below.