Speech and Language Services for Children


UCLL offers several options to help children, teens and young adults build their speech, language and literacy skills. Click the related link below to learn more about the specific services and programs we currently have available.

  • Reading and Literacy Intervention

    The reading program is for children in grades K-8. It offers different services, including a general assessment, as well as individualized sessions. Learn more: Reading and Literacy Program

  • Testing, Consultations and Evaluations

    Our specialized testing, consultations and evaluations can help figure out both strengths and weakness within a child's speech-language development and will help us build a plan of action to help them excel. Learn more: UCLL Consultation Services

  • Preschool and Communication Therapy (PACT) - Not Currently Offered

    Small group, structured play-based learning to address communication development in children 4 years or younger.

Please Note: Our PACT and CorePACT small group therapy programs are currently not running. If you are interested in individual speech-language therapy or testing for children with language development challenges, please contact us for more information and current options.