Speech-Language Resources for SLPs and Families Living with Aphasia

Thank you for your interest learning more about aphasia. We developed these aphasia resources for the aphasia community. The materials are focused on compiling resources for those who provide care for people with aphasia, including SLPs, aphasia caregivers and care partners and families. Neurologists, rehab professionals, nurses, case managers, and others interested in resources for aphasia may also find them useful. 

These resources were compiled and provided during a 2019 ASHA Convention presentation. The resources mentioned in each overview sheet were generated based on what might be useful to our clients, care partners and other SLPs at the time. They do not indicate an endorsement of a product or service. Please share these resources if you think they would be helpful for someone else. When you do share, please do not alter or edit them.

If you'd like to learn more about the intensive comprehensive aphasia treatment program, see: U-M Aphasia Program

If there is a resource you'd like that we don't currently offer, please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Downloadable Resources

Click each resource to download a PDF (opens in a new tab).

Communication Strategies for People with Aphasia PDFCommunication Strategies for People with Aphasia PDFPDF of Aphasia Caregiver and Support Groups Resources Click to download adaptive sports and hobbies PDF
Emergencies and aphasia identification PDFReturning to Driving After a Stroke PDF Referral lists for interdisciplinary Professionals PDFResources for educating families about aphasia PDF
Information about aphasia for community responders PDFReturning to Work after a Stroke PDFFundraising and community support for aphasia PDF