Fee Structure Change for the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP)


After careful consideration, the University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL), has implemented a fee structure change for the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP). The cost for individual therapy, communication group, and teletherapy will now each be $235 per 50-minute session. The change is effective beginning March 1, 2023. This change makes billing simpler for clients, while also equalizing the value of each type of therapy offered. 

This means clients who are receiving in-person aphasia therapy will see a reduction in cost. In addition, we will no longer charge the weekly facility fee of $70 for in-person clients. 

This means there will be no difference in price for different therapy services for our clients, and this will make it easier for everyone to choose the option(s) that best work for them. 

The change was also prompted by recognizing that our highly experienced Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) put in the same amount of effort and preparation for each client interaction, whether that therapy and care is delivered in-person, via teletherapy or in a group setting.

“Our program pioneered the intensive, comprehensive approach to aphasia therapy more than 85 years ago, and we continue to embrace innovation and new ways of approaching treatment,” said Carol Persad, Ph.D., director of the University Center for Language and Literacy. “This change also underscores that we are trying to provide wider access to people with aphasia who may not be able to come to an in-person session at this time — but who still can benefit from the breadth and depth of experience our wonderful SLPs have to offer.”  

While the intensive, 25-hour per week comprehensive in-person program was developed to maximize a client’s outcomes, UMAP also offers part-time and hybrid options for clients. For example, if someone is ready to pursue intensive aphasia therapy, but can only commit to 20 hours instead of the 25 hours per week, we can accommodate that. The new pricing structure helps clients more easily customize their program. 

“This was a tough decision to make,” said Dr. Persad. ”We understand how it affects our current clients. However, this is the first time we have changed our in-person pricing in many years, and the return on investment is still incredible for our clients. While our costs are similar to other intensive programs per hour, our program is different in that our therapy is provided by Masters and PhD-level SLPs, with many years of experience, rather than students or those who do not have aphasia-specific training.”

We thank our community for their ongoing support and trust that these changes will help us continue providing personalized service for our clients and family members. If clients and their families have any questions, please contact us at (734) 764-8440 or email UCLL@umich.edu

If you or someone you know is interested in the U-M Aphasia program, See: UMAP website.  Or call (734) 764-8440 to find out more.