Article: UMAP and the Power of Intensity


The University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) wrote an article about the importance of intensity in treating aphasia, a communication disorder that results from damage to certain parts of the brain following stroke, illness, or injury. The article appeared in the Winter/Spring edition of StrokeSmart magazine.

The article delves into what makes a program an ICAP — Intensive, Comprehensive Aphasia Program — and why that matters. For example, a growing body of peer-reviewed research is supporting what we have known at UMAP for a long time: intensity works.

Read the full article: When People Call Us Intense, We Take it as a Compliment (PDF)


About the University of Michigan Aphasia Program

Aphasia, an acquired communication disorder that can affect how a person speaks, understands, reads and writes language, commonly affects people who have had strokes or sustained injury to their brains in specific areas. The University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) provides intensive, innovative and individualized speech and language therapy for people with aphasia. UMAP began in 1937 and has been the leader in aphasia recovery since.

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