Suddenly, I Felt There Was Hope: Jo Anne Nestico’s Story

Success Story

Jo Anne Nestico of Harrison Township, Michigan, first experienced language problems when she was eating dinner with her husband. She said she felt fine, but she couldn’t speak in sentences and words that were different than the ones she was trying to say were coming out. When on her way to get an MRI the next day to check out the challenges she was experiencing, she had a massive headache. She was an active 55-year-old, enjoying her family and career when she experienced a hemorrhagic stroke. After spending about a week in the hospital, she was sent home with the directive to seek speech therapy — she had been diagnosed with aphasia.

However, after pursuing the standard course of speech therapy of one to two hours per week, she knew she needed more to get back on track with her communication skills. Her brother researched options and found the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP), which seemed to offer the intensity and individualized care Jo Anne felt she needed.

Telling Her Story

When she found UMAP, she said: “I was surrounded by people who actually cared about my well being, who had the right tools, and could provide the true therapy to help me recover. The U of M Aphasia Program was more intense than any other program that I was offered. Suddenly, I felt there was hope.”

To learn more about Jo Anne’s experience with aphasia and UMAP, watch the video below. (Jo Anne submitted the video to UMAP to tell her story and to help others who may be facing similar challenges.)

University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) Client Jo Anne Nestico.

Are You Dealing with Language Loss After a Stroke?

To learn more about UMAP and what we might be able to do for you or your loved one, call (734) 764-8440 or email to get the conversation started. UMAP offers intensive, individualized and innovative care for people with communication disorders related to aphasia. Our regular sessions include 24 hours of therapy per week and run for three to five weeks. However, part time options are also available.