Giving Blueday 2023 Recap

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Thanks to our donors on Giving Blueday, the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) has established a mental health fund to support our clients with aphasia. Contributions will go toward developing mental health resources, tools, and training programs targeted at mental health professionals to learn how to treat individuals with aphasia.

Giving Blueday is the University of Michigan’s annual day of giving. This year, it was held on March 15, 2023. To read our Giving Blueday story, visit our website.

Mental health is a critical piece to focus on after an aphasia diagnosis.

“Aphasia can be very isolating,” said Keli Licata, senior Speech-Language Pathologist at the University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL). “If you think about all the actions we do every day that involve language, it becomes really clear how deeply aphasia can affect someone’s day-to-day life, their sense of identity, and their relationships with those around them.

As we continue to progress on our mental health fund and the support we can provide families and clients in the near future, we are excited to share more details with our community.

There is never a wrong time to give. If you are interested in supporting UMAP, you can visit our secure, online donation page and give today. 

About the U-M Aphasia Program and UCLL

The U-M Aphasia Program is a part of the University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL), which is committed to helping people of all ages find meaningful ways to communicate. UCLL is part of the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) at the University of Michigan. MARI provides high-quality, individualized mental health, neuropsychological testing, and language and literacy services to the community through its service centers, including UCLL, University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF), and University Psychological Clinic.