CBASP Workshop: Summer 2020


An In-depth Workshop for Mental Health Providers

This four-day workshop focuses on the fundamentals of the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP), with an emphasis on adaptations that provide a trauma-informed approach.

Participants will learn about CBASP as an integrated theory as well as a practical, skill-based method, including thoughtful and disciplined involvement to promote change in their patients’ interpersonal relationships.

This workshop will provide the required content and experiential learning for CBASP mentorship and certification.

CBASP is the evidence-based treatment for Persistent Depression Disorder. However, a significant number of individuals experiencing chronic depression report co-morbid symptoms related to trauma, which is addressed in this workshop.

The system was developed by James McCullough, Ph.D., who will participate in the workshop via teleconference.

Participants can expect to learn about and how to conduct:

  • Significant other history and interpersonal impact inventory
  • Depression and trauma timelines
  • Transference hypothesis
  • Trauma impact hypothesis
  • Situational analysis and future situational analysis
  • Interpersonal discrimination exercise
  • Contingent personal responsivity

Who should attend: Clinicians interested in learning more about CBASP and/or trauma-informed approaches or seeking CBASP certification.

Workshop Details

What: 4-day workshop exploring CBASP from trauma-informed perspective.

When: Summer 2020. Reschedule date to be announced. 

Where: University of Michigan 
Rackham Graduate School
915 East Washington St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Cost: $850. CEUs available by request.

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Presenters Include:

Massimo Tarsia, Ph.D.

Dr. Massimo Tarsia for CBASP

President of International CBASP Society; Clinical Psychologist, Midlothian Psychological Therapies Service in Scotland, UK

Todd Favorite, Ph.D., ABPP

Dr. Todd Favorite at CBASP

Director, University Psychological Clinic; Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor, U-M Medical School and Rackham Graduate School

James P. McCullough, Ph.D.

James P. McCullough at CBASP

Developer of CBASP; Emeritus Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University; Fellow, APA, Division 29: Psychotherapy

Joining via teleconference.

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