Social Work Opportunities

As a social work trainee at MARI, you will learn in an exciting setting while working toward becoming a well-rounded, excellent clinician. Each year we have a multidisciplinary group of interns who learn and grow together, many of whom become leaders in the field in the U.S. and abroad.


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Each of our mental health units—the University Psychological Clinic and the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF)—host social work training programs at the levels of field placements (internships) and post-graduate fellowships in social work. We offer field placement training in both interpersonal practice as well as administration.

Our trainees benefit from our rigorous training in a supportive, collaborative environment. They work alongside fellow trainees at all different levels, all of whom are on similar paths. Trainees also have the opportunity to work closely with staff members who are dedicated to and enjoy providing quality supervision and instruction for their students.

As a trainee, you will  become equipped with a wide variety of treatment methods. We offer training with clients of all ages with a wide range of outpatient diagnoses. Gaining exposure to a breadth of circumstances ensures you will have a rich, dynamic experience working as a practicing professional.

Recent master’s graduates in social work are eligible to apply for the post-MSW fellowships.

General Opportunities (Deadline Passed)

The University Center for the Child and the Family (UCCF) at the University of Michigan is excited to offer two post-master’s social work opportunities. Both are open to limited licensed social workers (LLMSW) with clinical backgrounds in child and family psychotherapy. The opportunities include:

  • A full-time, twelve-month Post-MSW Graduate Fellowship
  • Several part-time (8-hour per week) positions.

Please indicate which position you would like to be considered for in your cover letter. You are welcome to apply for both using one application. Details for each opportunity are below. Deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2017.

Full-Time Post-MSW Fellowship

The University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF) at the University of Michigan is excited to offer one full-time, post-MSW graduate fellowship. This is an advanced clinical training program that begins February 1, 2018 and ends January 31, 2019 with an opportunity to extend for a second year.

The mission of this post-MSW graduate training program is to advance practice competency, professionalism, and leadership in the field of clinical social work and is designed for the pre-licensed clinical social worker.

More Details

Primary supervision will be provided by licensed clinical social workers with additional supervision opportunities with licensed psychologists. The fellow will have ample opportunities to supervise social work students and engage in clinical teaching as a part of his or her training plan. A stipend of $29,000 will be provided. Comprehensive health care through the University is available. Housing and transportation are not provided.

Part-Time Clinical Training Opportunity

We are excited to offer paid, part-time (8-hour per week) positions to limited licensed social workers (LLMSW) with clinical backgrounds in child and family psychotherapy. This position is ideal for early-career social workers eager to receive supervision and gain clinical experiences to bring them closer to full licensure. Weekly supervision is offered in both group and individual formats. The position also allows for opportunities to engage in didactic learning at our clinic.

More Details

The part-time clinician has an opportunity to advance and deepen his or her clinical skills using a brief therapy model, as well as an opportunity to gain some longer-term psychotherapy experience. Evidence-based interventions are emphasized, with faculty expertise in: early childhood interventions; cognitive-behavioral interventions for youth depression, anxiety, and trauma; Autism Spectrum disorders; parent behavior management training; emotion-regulation and mindfulness; psycho-educational testing and school consultation; family therapy approaches. The pay is $20/hour.

Eligibility for Both Opportunities

We are interested in applicants who have direct clinical experience using evidence-based interventions with children across the developmental spectrum and families from diverse backgrounds. The University of Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Eligible applicants must have:

  • Satisfactorily completed accredited Master’s level training in Social Work
  • provisional licensing requirements for the State of Michigan
  • Criminal background checks by the start of the training year

How to Apply

Please email a cover letter and CV to: Anu Agrawal, LMSW, Director of Social Work Training at the Mary A. Rackham Institute – University Center for the Child and Family at

Deadline to Apply: December 1, 2017

Training Model and Culture

Our primary responsibility is to train highly competent clinicians who are able to provide a full range of evidence-based, outcomes-informed professional psychological services to a clinically diverse patient population.

We embrace a training model that emphasizes:

  • The importance of integrating scientific data and inquiry into our training and clinical work;
  • Training in a wide variety of evidence-based treatments;
  • Immersion in clinical services including individual, group, and couples psychotherapy;
  • Broad training in treating a diverse group of clients with varying diagnoses and presenting problems, and across a wide array of evidence-based and theoretically varied intervention techniques;
  • The importance of providing intensive and varied supervision; and
  • Training in a supportive, multidisciplinary setting with supervisors dedicated to this task, and amongst a large cohort of fellow trainees at various levels.

Trainees are integral members of our highly experienced, multidisciplinary treatment teams. You will participate in staff meetings and discussions, and your suggestions and observations are seriously considered. We take into account your skill levels and clinical interests when we design and tailor your clinical assignments and training experiences.

Our training fosters the development of a range of clinical competencies in professional social work. We train our clinicians to develop the skills and attitudes that are expected of well qualified, humane, and ethical professionals.

About the University Center for the Child and Family

UCCF is one of three centers housed at the University of Michigan’s Mary A. Rackham Institute. The Center is a multidisciplinary, training-focused, child/adolescent/family outpatient center and is comprised of a multidisciplinary senior staff of social workers and psychologists, along with trainees in both disciplines.

UCCF serves a diverse array of children and families and utilizes a developmental, multicultural, and integrative clinical approach to case conceptualization, incorporating interpersonal, family systems, cognitive/behavioral, and biological/psychiatric elements. Services provided typically include individual, couples, family, and group modalities.