The Mary A. Rackham Institute offers professional training in Clinical Psychology, Social Work, and Speech-Language Pathology. Our commitment to high-quality, professional training has been unwavering since the inception of the Institute, more than 75 years ago.

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Clinical Psychology

We offer three main professional opportunities for students in the Psychology field. We host practicum training to doctoral students in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan. We provide internship training through our participation in two APA-accredited clinical psychology internship training programs. We offer postdoctoral fellowships in clinical psychology for advanced, more specialized training.

Social Work

We offer field placements for graduate students in the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan. We also offer postgraduate fellowships for more specialized and advanced training.

Speech-Language Pathology

We offer applied internships in speech and language to students from neighboring universities, in addition to postgraduate fellowships for more specialized and advanced training.

Clinical Psychology

MARI offers several opportunities for psychology students:

  • Practicum training to Ph.D. students in the Department of Psychology at U-M.

The Psychological Clinic and the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF) offer practicum training for University of Michigan Clinical Psychology doctoral students in their second to fourth year of graduate school. Up to three trainee positions available per year. The practicum commitment is 10–15 hours per week for 8–12 months, beginning September 1. Practicum students are closely supervised by senior staff as well as supervised postdoctoral fellows. Students attend seminars, case consultation or disposition meetings, and receive group and individual supervision from our qualified and engaged supervising faculty. Trainees both observe and provide clinical services to our outpatient population. Training is aimed at providing hands-on experience in diagnostic assessment, case conceptualization, clinical documentation, and psychotherapy.

For more information please read the practicum training flyer for the University Psychological Clinic or the practicum flyer for UCCF.

  • APA-accredited clinical psychology training program internships.

Interns are based in one or both of the two mental health units within our Institute: the University Psychological Clinic (serving adults) and/or the University Center for the Child and Family (serving children, adolescents and families; UCCF). The Psychological Clinic and UCCF are housed together in comfortable facilities in downtown Ann Arbor, just one block off the University of Michigan central campus. The internship begins in September and runs for one year. We have five internships available each year. Clinical or counseling psychology graduate students from accredited doctoral programs are eligible to apply. The annual internship stipend for 2016-2017 is $23,000. Benefits include medical insurance, two weeks vacation plus December-January holiday week break, sick leave, and generous professional development leave. The internship offers strong supervision and seminar programs, including more than five hours of combined individual and group supervision per week, and 3 weekly hours of multidisciplinary case consultations and disposition meetings. Both units provide experience in ADHD / Learning Disability test administration as well as individual and group psychotherapy.

For more information, check out the internship brochure (PDF).

  • Advanced, specialized postdoctoral fellowships in clinical psychology.

We offer a post-doctoral fellowship training program in which fellows choose to complete either adult-focused training at the University Psychological Clinic or child- and family-focused training at the University Center for the Child and Family. Fellowships available for 2017-18: one adult fellowship and one child/adolescent fellowship. Our Fellowship Training Program is designed to provide advanced training in professional psychology to qualified post-doctoral psychologists. Our post-doctoral fellowships start on September 1 and the program lasts for 12 months. Fellows may stay for a second year by mutual consent. The program prepares fellows for licensure in the State of Michigan or any other state with similar requirements. These competencies are enhanced through direct clinical service with supervision from expert clinicians, participation in seminars, clinical meetings, and conferences, and consultation with other professionals outside the clinic. Fellows are asked to teach seminars to psychology interns and social work students, and to supervise their clinical work. In addition, fellows participate in the clinic’s senior staff meetings and workgroups.

Our post-doctoral training brochure has more information available for you to download. The flyers for the Adult Clinical Psychology and Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology post-doctoral fellowships provide more details including application deadlines.

We are strongly committed to the training of highly competent clinicians who are able to provide a full range of evidence-based, outcome-informed professional psychological services to a clinically diverse patient population.

Social Work

As a social work trainee, you will learn in an exciting setting, working toward becoming a well-rounded, excellent clinician. Each year we have a multidisciplinary group of interns who learn and grow together, many of whom become leaders in the field in the U.S. and abroad.

Each of our mental health units—the University Psychological Clinic and the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF)—host social work training programs at the levels of field placements (internships) and post-graduate fellowships in social work. We offer field placement training in both interpersonal practice as well as administration.

Our trainees benefit from our rigorous training in a supportive, collaborative environment. They work alongside fellow trainees at all different levels, all of whom are on similar paths. Trainees also have the opportunity to work closely with staff members who are dedicated to and enjoy providing quality supervision and instruction for their students.

As a trainee, you will  become equipped with a wide variety of treatment methods. We offer training with clients of all ages with a wide range of outpatient diagnoses. Gaining exposure to a breadth of circumstances ensures you will have a rich, dynamic experience working as a practicing professional.

Speech-Language Pathology

We offer future speech and language pathologists a dynamic and unique environment to learn about becoming talented clinicians. Each year volunteers, interns, and a clinical fellow observe, work, and provide speech and language therapy to children and adults with variety of language and literacy disorders. Working with certified speech and language pathologists, the students learns to treat and communicate with our clients. Our program objective is to help you become an excellent clinician and to strengthen our professional field through high-caliber training.