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MARI 2020 Annual Report Now Available

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What impact did MARI have on the community during fiscal year 2020? What were the most sought-after services? What did recent trainees have to say about our programs? Find out in the newly released MARI FY2020 Annual Report.

Of course, COVID is the headliner for any year-in-review report at this point,” said MARI Director, Bruno Giordani, Ph.D. “But I don’t want it to overshadow the work of the MARI staff and the value we provide to the community. For example, we quickly switched entirely to teletherapy, allowing us to provide continuous care to our clients. And we saw a 12.5% increase in the number of clients served when compared to the previous year.”


Highlights from the MARI Annual Report

  • MARI services were in demand in 2020, with individual therapy leading the wayMARI received nearly 3,000 requests for service during the year.
  • The most requested service was individual therapy for adults (38%).
  • The second most requested was for individual therapy for children at 22% of all requests, followed by testing services at 17%.
  • MARI provided nearly 18,000 appointments, with a no-show rate under 14%.
  • MARI clients are spread across the age spectrum, with 44% younger than 18; 44% ages 18-50; and 11% at 51 or older.
  • IN FY2020, MARI provided real-world learning to more than 70 trainees across our training programs, including graduate, undergraduate and postdocs.

See the MARI FY2020 Report (PDF)

This is the second year MARI has compiled and distributed an annual report for all stakeholders. We were able to offer a more in-depth look at client demographics, as well as highlighted some of the features that make MARI standout. If you have questions or feedback about the report, please contact us at

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