MARI Celebrates and Sends Trainees from 2021-22 Into the World

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The Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) recently celebrated the class of 2021-22 trainees. 

MARI had 29 graduates who worked at two of the centers in numerous positions. These trainees worked at the University Psychological Clinic, and the University Center for the Child and Family.

In early August, MARI staff gathered at Olson Park to celebrate the graduates and their accomplishments. Food was served and each graduate received a certificate, gift and words of appreciation from their supervisor. 

These trainees filled a variety of positions, including: postdoctoral fellowships, Master’s of Social Work fellowships, completing a practicum, volunteering and interning. 

After their time with MARI, they will be continuing to provide quality care in Michigan and beyond. Some will be working at local centers in Ann Arbor, some will begin teaching and some will continue their education. 

Check out some photos from the event below.

To learn more about future training opportunities at MARI, visit our website.