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MARI Announces New Call Center

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MARI has launched a new call center. Cindy Davis, senior patient services associate and manager of the call center, said the approach has several benefits for clients and referring clinicians. Specifically, the dedicated call center staff provides a quicker turnaround time and more personal interactions for each client. 

The call center staff are trained to help clients and people making a referral by asking a series of questions. They can answer questions and explain the benefits of different MARI services. From there, clients can schedule a pretherapy screening, register for a program, or get on a waitlist to be notified when there are openings for the most in-demand services like autism spectrum disorder assessments. In-depth communication at the beginning of the process allows clients to more quickly access services that are right for them. 

Call center staffer Rachyl said opening the direct line of communication between clinicians and their clients is one of the strongest benefits of the call center. “Call center employees are able to connect callers directly to their clinicians, getting them answers faster, while continuing to maintain crucial client privacy,” she said.

Ready to Reach Out? Contact MARI at (734) 615-7853

If you are making a referral, we have a new secure digital referral form you can opt to use: Refer to MARI (opens in a new tab/window).