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Support UCLL through Giving Bag Program

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You can now support UCLL — and language and literacy — through the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag program.

The University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL) has been selected by the Ypsilanti Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery store as their non-profit of choice for August 2019. That means, when someone purchases a Giving Bag with a Giving Tag at the Fresh Thyme market on Washtenaw in Ypsilanti, UCLL will receive $1. The bags are sturdy, reusable grocery bags that help promote sustainability, while also promoting the good work that a selected non-profit does within the community.

When a bag is purchased at the Washtenaw Road location, the donation will automatically be designated for UCLL. Nothing further is required.

What About Other Fresh Thyme Locations?

If you purchase a bag at a different Fresh Thyme Market location, you can still designate your support to UCLL, but it requires an extra step.  Here’s the important next step: Visit within 7 days of your purchase to select the University Center for Language and Literacy as your chosen non-profit organization. Each Giving Bag comes with a “Giving Tag” that includes a six-digit code. When you visit the URL, you will be prompted to enter the code and to fill out a short form (that does not require personal information). Once you enter the code, you will be asked to choose who you would like the donation to go to. Please search for the University Center for Language and Literacy. Select us from the list and you have just supported language development and recovery and literacy!

Thanks for your support!

Other Ways to Support Language and Literacy

The care we provide at UCLL is highly individualized, team-based, and intensive. That means each UCLL client is approached as a unique person, with a team of clinicians creating programming to address their needs. Therapy is then administered through comprehensive and in-depth sessions. This tailored approach to speech and literacy challenges is measurably effective — but not easy to find.

That’s why we need your support. Whether that support comes in the form of a generous donation or you recommending UCLL services to a neighbor, we can’t do this without you. For example, UCLL‘s children’s language development programs Preschool and Communication Therapy (PACT) and CorePACT are generously supported by the Linda Atkins Memorial Fund. Despite the intensive staff time investment in the program, client costs have remained affordable and unchanged.

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