Group therapy - DBT groups are ongoing and help with treatment-resistant mental health challenges

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group

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The University Psychological Clinic‘s Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has shifted to virtual and will continue to be offered throughout the year. This group is designed to help participants address a variety of challenges related to emotional regulation and treatment-resistant mental health challenges. 

This DBT group is available to adults in the community. If you are struggling to manage your emotions — or they are getting in the way of your goals and relationships — this group might be for you. DBT can also help participants feel more grounded and in control of their emotions in general.

Throughout the four modules included in the group – Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Distress Tolerance – participants will gain techniques to disrupt negative thought patterns and to reach personal goals. Our program is research-based, and sessions are facilitated by experienced clinicians. This group also provides the support of a community as you work toward finding balance.

The group is 16 weeks long, with each module explored and worked for four weeks. Participants can choose to attend the full course for 16 weeks, but we also offer the option to choose which modules you would like to attend. We ask that participants commit to attending each meeting of each specific module they are registered for to contribute to and gain the most from the group aspect. 

If you are interested in attending the upcoming session, please call (734) 615-7853 to get more details and to begin the screening process. Professional referrals are always welcome — for this and any of our other services — and can be made by calling MARI or through our secure digital options. See: Make a Referral to MARI.


  • Who: Open to anyone in the community (not just U-M), who is seeking treatment for mental health challenges. A screening process is the first step, to see if the group will be a good fit for each potential participant. 
  • When: Ongoing in 16-week cycles. Next date to be determined based on participant availability.
  • Where: Online via Zoom.
  • Cost: Varies, some insurances cover; self pay is an option.
  • How to get started: Call (734) 615-7853 or make a client referral. When you contact us, we make every effort to return your call or web inquiry within 48 business hours, pending our current call volume. We will ask some basic question to make the process most efficient. If you are a good fit and like what the program has to offer, we will add you to the waitlist to set up a screening appointment. More details will be provided once you have contacted us. 

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