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May is Mental Health Awareness Month: What to Know

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Each year, the month of May is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and the millions of people who are affected by mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness. This month, the Mental Health America (MHA) organization has announced the 2022 theme: Back to Basics.

With the past few years of pandemic living taking a toll on the well-being of many people, staying mentally healthy has become even more important. Read on to find out more about what Mental Health Awareness Month is and learn ways you can support the cause.

What is Mental Health Awareness Month?

The U.S. has observed Mental Health Awareness Month each May since 1949. The Mental Health America (MHA) organization started the awareness month to underscore the importance of mental health and to de-stigmatize it.

This Year’s Theme: “Back to Basics”

Each year, MHA, its affiliates, and other organizations interested in mental health conduct a number of activities based on a different annual theme. MHA releases a toolkit of materials and resources to help spread awareness and education related to the theme. The 2022 theme, Back to Basics, aims to provide foundational knowledge about mental health and spread information about maintaining one’s own well-being. The theme was chosen because after two years of living in and through a pandemic, many people are realizing that stress, isolation, and uncertainty have taken a toll on their well-being.

Ways You Can Support the Cause

Mental Health Awareness Month is also a great opportunity to spread helpful mental health resources, information and content to your social media networks and in your communities. There are several ways for people to take action, such as voting for mental health supportive measure or advocating for improvements in our nation’s crisis response system.

How will you help spread awareness and educate people about mental health this May?

About MARI

MARI provides mental health and language and literacy services to people in the surrounding community as well as those who are part of the University community. If you or someone you know needs immediate mental health intervention, call 911 or contact your local crisis and/or emergency room. If you are interested in seeking MARI services, please contact us online or call (734) 615-7853.