Psych Clinic Recruiting for Young-Adult Support Teams (YST)

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The University of Michigan Psychological Clinic is currently recruiting for Young Adult Support Teams (YST) for those at high risk for suicide.

About Young-Adult Support Teams (YST)

Young adults (age 18-30) can nominate 1-3 people from their family, school, work, or community who they would like to become more informed in supporting them and their mental health. The nominated people are called Caring Supports.

Caring Supports attend an education session where U-M Psychological Clinic therapists will provide training tailored to the client’s concerns. This includes information about psychiatric disorders, treatment plans, strategies for communicating and supporting positive behaviors, and identifying warning signs for suicidal or other risky behaviors and resources to help the client. The Caring Supports will have access to weekly phone calls with U-M Psychological Clinic therapists to help problem-solve concerns as they arise.

This is a program for the Caring Supports to learn how to better support their young adult. YST is designed to build stronger connections, emotional support, and opportunities to help with problem solving.

Next Steps

Please contact Rachyl Lyons ( if you have any questions or if you have a client that you think would benefit from this program. We are recruiting currently and after getting consent forms completed, their support could get started quickly!

Call the Psych Clinic at (734) 615-7853 and leave a message for Rachyl, mentioning YST or contact us here. Choose “request an appointment” and note that you are interested in the YST program when asked which service and/or for comments.

About the Psychological Clinic

The University Psychological Clinic is committed to helping people ages 18 and older assess, address, and treat mental health through testing and assessments, individual therapy, group and couples therapy and workshops.  The Psych Clinic is part of the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) at the University of Michigan. MARI provides high-quality, individualized mental health, neuropsychological testing, and language and literacy services to the community through its service centers, including the Psych Clinic, as well as the University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL) and the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF).