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CBT Group for Adults with Social or Performance Anxiety – Spring 2022

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The University Psychological Clinic at MARI is offering another virtual CBT group for adults with social and/or performance anxiety this spring. The session is scheduled for 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, starting April 19. A preliminary screening appointment is required before joining the group. The group will for 8 weekly 90-minute sessions. Repeat joiners are welcome!

Is the CBT for Social Anxiety Group Right for Me?

People with social anxiety often worry about seeming incompetent, unintelligent, or awkward in social situations. Common symptoms include heart pounding, shaking, sweating, dry mouth, or “blanking out”. People with social anxiety may continue to worry about how they came across to others long after the event is over. This group is designed to help you build skills to counter the kinds of effects.

If you think social anxiety is negatively affecting your relationships, your work, or your overall mental health, this group might be the next step for you. Clinicians at the University Psychological Clinic at MARI use evidence-based group therapy to help participants learn to identify and shift unhealthy thinking patterns. You will build coping skills and increase confidence in a supportive environment and at your own pace.

How to Sign Up or Refer a Client

Prospective participants should call the Psych Clinic at (734) 764-3471 to schedule a virtual individual screening visit. This screening allows you to work with a clinician to determine if the group is right for you. The preliminary screening visit will take 30-60 minutes, and the cost is $45. We can bill some insurances (e.g. BCN) or patients can pay out-of-pocket.

If you would like to refer a client, please complete our secure digital referral form (HIPAA-compliant): Make a Referral.

If you would prefer to fax (734) 764-8128, please provide a brief treatment summary or evaluation report addressed to the Psychological Clinic, c/o Michelle Van Etten Lee. 


When: 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. The group will meet for 8 weeks starting on or after April 19, with a possible follow-up booster session one month after the group concludes.
Cost: $45 per meeting session, without insurance. Call for information on insurance coverage.
Where: Virtual via Zoom

If you missed the start of this session, you can still contact us or are interested in a group at a different time or on a different day, please contact us! We have ongoing groups and can organize new sessions based on demand.

About the Psychological Clinic

The University Psychological Clinic is committed to helping people ages 18 and older assess, address, and treat mental health through testing and assessments, individual therapy, group and couples therapy and workshops.  The Psych Clinic is part of the Mary A. Rackham Institute (MARI) at the University of Michigan. MARI provides high-quality, individualized mental health, neuropsychological testing, and language and literacy services to the community through its service centers, including the Psych Clinic, as well as the University Center for Language and Literacy (UCLL) and the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF).

If you missed the start of this session or are interested in a group at a different time or on a different day, please contact us! We have ongoing groups and can organize new sessions based on demand.