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Maintaining Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Resources and Tools

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Be prepared but not panicked.

Hope for the best, but get ready for the worst.

Stay steady and strong in the face of uncertainty.

Keep your cool to keep family and loved ones protected.

These sayings sound great and are easy enough to talk about. But the reality can be more challenging. Here are resources to help you and your loved ones deal with uncertain, stressful times. The information provided here is meant to be helpful and has been vetted by mental health professionals. Please note, listing a resource does not indicate endorsement of a product or service.

General Mental Health Resources to Help During Coronavirus

Resources to Help Address Coronavirus with Children

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Maintaining You and Your Family’s Mental Health During a Pandemic: Resources and Tools (PDF)

Mental Health Crisis Hotlines and Organizations

If you or someone you know is in danger, consider calling 911 or accessing resources to address the crisis. Here are several national and local options: