Kids and Coronavirus: Common Concerns and Ways to Address Them

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What if my family gets sick? What if I miss my friends? What happens to my future? 

Dr. Erin Hunter, UCCF

Dr. Erin Hunter is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies for children, adolescents, and families, including parent management training, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and mindfulness treatments.

Many people are experiencing some degree of anxiety as we adjust to new ways of living amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Kids with anxieties around coronavirus may not yet have the words or the ability to identify what they are experiencing. What are their common concerns? How do you identify anxiety in a child? What can you do to help them?

This overview, developed by Erin Hunter, Ph.D., interim director of the University Center for the Child and Family (UCCF) at MARI, is a helpful breakdown of what anxiety may look like in children of different ages and 10 ways you can address the stress you and your family may be feeling. These strategies help navigate uncertainty, but are also good approaches to managing household stress in general.

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MARI has also developed an ongoing list of resources to help people of all ages. You can find that here: Maintaining Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Resources and Tools