MARI Remains Open in Michigan Stay Home

What Michigan ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Order Means for MARI Clients

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Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order (EO 2020-21), directing all non-essential Michigan businesses and operations to temporarily suspend in-person operations. ‘Essential’ is defined as businesses that are necessary to sustain or protect life. As clinical care providers, MARI clinicians provide an essential service, particularly in this time of uncertainty and isolation. 

The Order and What We are Doing

Effective at 12:01 am on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 individuals may only leave their home under very limited circumstances. When they do leave, they must adhere to social distancing, including remaining six feet from people from outside their household. The order will remain in effect for at least the next three weeks. 

Unless something changes or we are directed otherwise, MARI will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to offer services for clients in this time of need. That means we will continue to provide services from afar, as we have been for the past weeks. All in-person events, groups, and meetings are either postponed or will be transitioned to alternative platforms. 

The order also directs residents to stay in their homes unless they’re a part of that critical infrastructure workforce, engaged in an outdoor activity, or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their family, like going to the hospital or grocery store.  

Please follow the executive order. As Gov. Whitmer stated, “We are taking this seriously, because it is serious.” 

Importance of Mental Health

During the press conference, the governor also noted the importance of mental health. Now perhaps more than ever it is important to lean on your networks, professionals like those who work at MARI, and community resources as much as possible. We will continue to offer support to current clients and are working on being able to accept new clients by mid-April, pending the ongoing situation and needs. We are also generating resources that you might find helpful, such as: 

Continue to Communicate

Please contact MARI if you have questions. We will continue to post, send emails, and link on social media as we develop new resources, make announcements, and generally find ways to support you in this unprecedented time.